Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Public Figure

Chef Wan, whose graduated from California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, United States with a degree in Professionals Chef Training and Hotel Management and a diploma from the Ritz Hotel, Paris, France was a divorced father and raised his two children.

Chef Wan and his small family, Serina and Riz

The daughter, Serina was an actress and was a well-known public figure in Malaysia. Same goes with his son, whose following Chef Wan step by taking cooks and culinary as the career, Chef Riz. Both of them were known by most of the Malaysian citizen. 

During his lifetime career, Chef Wan has to date cooked for many famous personalities which includes Sultan Brunei as well as the former US President, Bill Clinton, and of course the Indonesian and Thailand Royal family.

Maybe one or two issues had happened in this man life but the issues, which probably could be regarded as gossips could not affected his career in becoming the chef celebrity that valued by people. Despite the problems, Che Wan manage to control his emotion and manage to overcome all problems that he encountered without loosing anything. On top of all, he still been awarded with tonnes of appreciation and recognition all around the world. 

This is one of the video that expressing Chew Wan's  success in his profession.


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