In order to complete this task, I have provide several objective to be achieve:

 To introduce the people with outstanding personnel existed in Malaysia.

Even though Chef Wan is considered as the chef celebrity among Malaysian and probably well known by most of the Asian, still there are possibility where people might be curious in knowing his full name, where he came from and what life does he live before entering into cooking and before he became the great guy in culinary.

 To inform people about the background of the personnel that might be unseen and not known for all this while

Everyone would probably know about Chef Wan on the surface but not about his background. Perhaps the unseen one. The history or the story behind of his life and whether or not the stories are related to his career in this world

To discover the achievements reached by the personnel in Malaysia and all around the world.

This is to emphasize or exposing to the people the list of success and achievements of Chef Wan since the first time he became the chef until now, where he managed to be recognized by almost all around the world.

To explore the hardship or the struggle that might be faced by the personnel along the way striving for succeed.

To identify the hardness and find out how he managed to overcome the problem and standstill after struggling with problems and went through them until the very end.

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